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2008-04-26 09:16:11 by Nazi-Barney

What really annoys me

Ok, go onto one of my flashes, i.e 'Animator Vs. Animation 3' and look at the reviews, they'll mostly (90%) be 0's with ANGRY reviews, ok. most of the reviews are saying, improve your standard of flash. Now go on one of their userpages, and see their flashes. 99% of the time they will have absolutely none. this really pisses me off.

Start criticising others when you know what it takes to make a flash, everyone on NG makes flash look so easy, its not. It takes hours, days, weeks, even months to make a '4.00' flash in flash.




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2008-04-26 10:01:11

agreed. what a bunch of nig-gers


2008-05-31 15:41:24

i love you


2008-06-23 06:47:18

Im so happy that I am not like you.


2008-07-03 17:02:29

I agree on the point, that haters never have ANY submissions.
neither adio nor flash, BUT firstly one expects something completely different when one reads the title and what's MOST IMPORTANT is, that this flash movie contents racial SHIT!
ANd you STILL wonder why you get angry comments about THIS?


2008-07-08 22:10:35

I have flashes.
I left a zero review for 'Animator vs. Animation 3'
You said it yourself;
it takes hours, days, or even months to make a 4.00 flash.
At least go for it; that animation was shit.
The title was stolen, the content ratings were invalid,
the icon wasn't closely related to the flash,
and the movie just sucked overall.
Sorry, but, put some effort in your work.

But you are right in one point,
people who don't have flashes shouldn't be able to leave reviews.


2008-08-01 04:11:57



2008-08-05 14:50:23

fuk u ur animations still suck u suck and everyone who likes yur animations sucks yur animations are retarded and i hope u die in a fire that picture of a piece of shit in dads home to is probably how yur face looks like and + sakupen isnt making the name dads home 2 if u saw the credits then u wud hav seen that the next name was dads in overtime sorry but u fail


2008-08-05 14:53:26

im so happy that the world isnt that full of losers like u u shud c buddahageo he is exactly like u a retarded racist that wants to only ruin this world


2008-09-11 21:22:46

yes and im 1 of them! you see i have made a few flash games and movie but i have not sent them to ng yet becuse im still working on them. thay say your movies are bad becuse onece you made a title runscape when it was a somthing else. then you rate evrything for adoults and it has none of the rating you see. thats y ppl hate your flash movies/games!

p.s i love mario!


2009-02-07 15:44:42

i hear from a good source that your a homo